Production of beer from a concentrate

Production of the beer starts with the blending of a pure malted barley concentrate in the "Easy brewing System" ( EBS).
Supplier of the "Easy Brewing System" for the production of alcoholic and non alcohol beers.

Supplier of  bottling,  kegging and canning machinery for beers.


  • Production of high quality alcohol free beers at low costs and low investments.
  • Alcohol content 0.0%
  • No need of any brewing facilities.
  • No need of final filtration or stabilization of the malt beer.
  • Easy handling with the "Easy Brewing System" (EBS).
  • The concentrate is available at high concentration.
  • Concentrate available in bulk, sterile drums of 240 kg or 1000 kg container.
  • Easy differentiation in taste is possible : apple malt, energy malt and all other types of flavored malt drinks.
  • The malt concentrate has the Halal certificate.