Production of lager beer / ale beer

1. Craft beer production plants with a capacity

of 20hl -100 hl/ brew.

 Brewing a beer directy from malted barley in the craft brewery.     

 (Brewhouse included)

    • Complete plant with al necessary equipment includes the brewhouse
    • More differentiation possible in raw materials
    • More different types of beer can be produced with this plant
    • Attractive investment 

2. Beer produced from a concentrate with

the "Easy Brewing System". 

 Brewing beer from a concentrate with the " Easy Brewing System".

    • Simple production process: No need of a brewhouse
    • Guaranteed constant high quality
    • Low investments

3. Beer produced in a PUB by fermentation of a wort concentrate with :

  • The full automatic "Pub-Brewing System"

 Super beer qualities produced by fermentation of a blended  wortconcentrate with the " Pub-Brewing System". 

"Pub-Brewing System" A full automatic system for in a PUB  or other festival locations . 

"Pub-Brewing System" The sensation of a brewery on every location!